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Modernizing Landfills for ZERO EMISSION Operations

Modernizing Landfills for ZERO EMISSION Operations

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Welcome to Methane Expert Engineering Ltd. (MethaneXE), a rising authority in Landfill Gas (LFG) Engineering, Field Services, and Training Bolstered by over two decades of our founders' know-how, we're on a transformative mission to help our clients:

  • Understand: Grasp your LFG management obligations.
  • Comply: Navigate provincial and federal laws with ease.
  • Operate: Manage state-of-the-art LFG management systems.
  • Achieve: Secure safe and zero-emission landfill operations.

MethaneXE, while new, has deep-rooted expertise. Co-founded by Dr. Ali Abedini, P.Eng., a luminary with more than 20 years in the industry, our mission is to pioneer zero-emission landfill operations. We leverage patented techniques like SSEQT and precision-focused models like UBCiModel© to set new standards in methane emission management.

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We deliver a 360-degree approach to LFG management. From feasibility to design, our services aim for zero-emission landfill operations. Discover how MethaneXE can steer you through landfill gas management complexities.

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